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-- We have partnered up with Another Indie to publish Retrograde Arena, you could play the early access on their discord server right now! --

-- Retrograde Arena is still in development. Join our community for the latest updates --

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About the Game

Retrograde Arena is a multiplayer twin stick brawler with a twist where your weapons can't directly kill, but the environment does. All weapons just push or pull other players, but they will instantly die when they touch any red walls or red objects in the map.

Battle against other people with up to 6 players in a hectic match and rebound them to their demise with variety of different weapons.

Physics Based

Use physics to your advantage by using your own weapon’s recoil to evade or propel yourself to great speeds. Utilize bullets’ ricochet, push boxes, and body slam others to win.

Multiplayer Chaos

This game features online & local multiplayer, play with friends on the same PC with multiple controllers, or use LAN or Internet to play with other people. Each PC supports up to 4 controllers (4 players) and can join any online match with up to 6 players.

Arsenal of Weapons

Use a variety of weapons with different properties. Some weapons just shoot bullets, some bounces back bullets, some are just there to screw with you. Machine guns, railguns, shotguns, we got'em all and more to come.

Diverse Arena

Arenas or “Maps” will determine the experience of the match. Each arena has their own layout and unique quirks that requires different strategies to win the game.


Unlock and choose different textures, thrusters and particle effects to personalize your ship. Look different and show off your achievements online.


When will the game be released?

Somewhere in 2020.

Will there be a Battle Royale mode?

No. yes. I dunno, do you want it?


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Retrograde Arena Demo.zip 93 MB
Retrograde Arena Alpha 15th June(Fixed audio).zip 103 MB

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Le jeu est vraiment incroyable, le gameplay est bien et facile à comprendre, les musiques sont vraiment géniales, merci beaucoup d'avoir créer ce jeu, je ne vois pas ce qui pourrait être ajouté pour améliorer le jeux (je parle de la version nintendo switch et ordinateur). Serait-il possible de pouvoir télécharger des musiques du jeu, surtout celle de la bande annonce du jeu, qui est l'une des meilleures avec celle du menu et celle de l'arène d'attente, s'il vous plaît?

Player is too slow, it's frustrating


While the idea of the game is more of maneuvering with the recoils of your weapons, we, in some ways, understood the frustation of some users which feels the basic movements without using recoils is slow.

However, we afraid, we must discuss with the team regarding changing the basic movement speed as it will also affect the balance between many weapons we have and are making for future updates.

We are really thankful for the feedback tho! Will put it in our discussion list!

Hey, I was wondering if you're gonna add the exclusive fullscreen option. Right now I'm having problem with the "-window-mode exclusive"  launch option.

(1 edit)

Noted. Thx for the feedback. We're working on an option for exclusive fullscreen soon!

That's great, glad to hear it will be implement into the game.