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You can follow our progress on Retrograde Arena at our facebook or twitter page, links below:


Retrograde Arena is a multiplayer twin stick brawler with a twist where your weapon doesn't kill other players, but the environment does. Players will only die when they touch any red objects in the map. 

Your objective is to be the last man standing among other players by killing players or just surviving the round. The last man standing will win the round, and the first to win five rounds will win the match. Battle against others with up to 8 players in a hectic match and experience the ultimate mayhem.

The game is physics based, your bullets will push and bounce around objects including other players. You could use your own weapon's recoil to maneuver around the map much quicker or to dodge certain doom.

Retrograde Arena supports LAN, Online and Local multiplayer and supports up to 6 players in a match with a maximum of 4 players in a single machine.

The online feature uses steam, and thus is currently disabled, this build currently only supports LAN in the meantime.

Hey there, we are from Freemergency Studio, a freshly created game studio and Retrograde Arena is our first project. After finishing college we took a leap of faith to chase our dream and, here we are.


When will the game be released?

Somewhere around Q3 2019.

Will there be a Battle Royale mode?

No. yes. I dunno, do you want it?


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Player is too slow, it's frustrating


While the idea of the game is more of maneuvering with the recoils of your weapons, we, in some ways, understood the frustation of some users which feels the basic movements without using recoils is slow.

However, we afraid, we must discuss with the team regarding changing the basic movement speed as it will also affect the balance between many weapons we have and are making for future updates.

We are really thankful for the feedback tho! Will put it in our discussion list!

Hey, I was wondering if you're gonna add the exclusive fullscreen option. Right now I'm having problem with the "-window-mode exclusive"  launch option.

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Noted. Thx for the feedback. We're working on an option for exclusive fullscreen soon!

That's great, glad to hear it will be implement into the game.